Guests Requirements

What We Do Offer

  • Evening meal provided by volunteers from the community
  • Showers on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays
  • Laundry on Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • Library of reading materials
  • Information about services available in Athens
  • Comfortable bed
  • Safe environment
  • Toiletries as needed
  • Warm hats, gloves, scarves, and socks as needed
  • Breakfast in the morning

What We Don’t Offer

  • We do not offer Services to individuals without an invitation that night
  • We do not offer Guaranteed Extended Stays *
  • We do not offer Shelter for Families with Minor Children
  • We do not offer Storage of Personal belongings beyond your nightly stay *
  • We do not offer Excessive Storage of Personal Belongings during your stay, to be determined by us
  • We do not offer Medical Services of any kind
  • We do not offer Mail or Package Delivery of any kind
  • We do not offer Transportation Services of any kind
  • We do not offer Financial Assistance of any kind
  • We do not offer Food Storage or To Go Meals

  • * May be offered to those in Bigger Vision’s Abundant Life Program

Abundant Life Program

Bigger Vision’s Abundant Life Program is a 365 day program driven living environment. Created through a partnership with Athens Technical College’s GED and ManufactuREADY programs, Abundant Life provides guests not only the opportunity to finish their high school education but also job skills training in manufacturing with an 85% rate of getting a job starting in the $11.00 - $15.00 per range, financial literacy training and money management, help finding a place to call home, and Athens Technical College can help with funding for further education and training after the program ends to increase career advancement opportunity.


How to participate

Space is limited.
All applicants are subject to an application review and an interview process by Bigger Vision, as well as an application and interview process with each program at Athens Technical College.
Applicants must be approved through all parts before being accepted.

Winter Shelter Program

Bigger Vision’s Winter Shelter Program seeks to provide a safe and comfortable place for those in homelessness in Athens, GA. We do this by provide a fair and equal opportunity to stay each night via a call-in system that is held at 4:00 pm each night from mid-October to mid-April. Guests receive a homemade meal, shower or laundry on an alternating schedule, a comfortable bed to sleep on, as well as breakfast in the morning.

mid-October - mid-April

How to participate?

Call (706) 340 - 6062 ext. 2 at 4:00 pm daily.

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